Payger Woocommerce Gateway

  • Woocommerce Gateway Payger is a FREE WordPress plugin by Payger.
  • Start accepting Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, STEEM or other crypto currencies on Your Woocommerce online store.
  • Increase your sales as you add all major altcoins as payment option for your customers.
  • Download FREE from, Wordpress Plugin repository:

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Cryptocurrency Benefits Using Payger Woocommerce Gateway

Get paid within less than 3 seconds

Stunning performance powered by the Bitshares Blockchain.

No chargeback risk

Chargebacks are simply not possible.

Simple Setup

Enter ther API Credentials, your preferred currencies and you are done.

Truly global

Welcome new customers from around the world, transfer, exchange and more – we´ve got you covered.

Get paid with crypto currencies

Get access to the new cryptocurrency generation.

Receive stable coins

No volatility risk due to BitShares based stablecoins, such as BitDollar, BitEUR or BitCNY.

Plugin Features

Complete checkout process

It all happens within your website/theme

Support all wallets that support payment protocol

Shop owners can choose

Choose a subset of crypto currencies, to allow payments with, depending on the local currency.

Customers will get an estimate

Get an estimate value prior to “place order” on the selected crypto currency.

Handles underpaid orders

Handles underpaid orders, asking customer the missing amount if necessary.

Price in your local currency

Let customers pay with crypto currencies e.g. Bitcoins.

Customers can choose

Customers can choose the currency they would like to pay with.

Automatic order update

Orders will automatically update status when payment is detected, no manual validation needed.

Scan the QR Code It's this simple

The Plugin enables customers to pay with cryptocurrencies and offers merchants the possibility to accept them and to convert them into stable coins.

At the Checkout Page, you are able to select Payger as payment method to accept cryptocurrencies. If selected, the actual exchange rate is displayed and fixed for 15 min after clicking the PLACE ORDER button.

After you click the PLACE ORDER button, you will be shown a modal with the payment details and a address to send your payment as well:

Example of TEST payment
BTC:1 USD = 0.0001616 BTCYour current exchange rate
Payment Amount0.00258469 BTCProduct price + shipping & handling
Network Cost0.00000165 BTCNetwork fee
Total 0.00258634 BTCYour total cost for the purchase
Modal shown after checkout with payment details and crypto coin address.
Modal shown after checkout with payment details and crypto coin address.


This plugin requires WordPress+WooCommerce and a Payger account at Please make sure you have WordPress and WooCommerce installed on your web server and a Payger account created at

  1. Go to Payger and register as a Business.
  2. On Payger Account get your API KEY (username) and API Secret (password).
  3. Upload woocommerce-gateway-payger to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. On the Dashboard go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > Payger and do the following:
  6. Enable payments through payger
  7. Set your username and password previously given by Payger and save changes.
  8. On the Advanced Options please choose the “Accepted Currencies” for your shop. ( This will be a list of crypto currencies based on your shop currency )

You are now ready to start accepting crypto currencies on your website.

Alternative to step 3 you can install your plugin via composer with

composer require payger/woocommerce-gateway

Your Checkout Confirmation How does it look like