About Payger

The Payger Woocommerce payment gateway plugin is demonstrated within this Woocommerce demo shop.

The Plugin enables customers to pay with cryptocurrencies and offers merchants the possibility to accept them and to convert them into stable coins.

Payger is a wallet software for managing crypto currencies that are exclusively stored in external crypto wallets.

Payger offers the registered user the following transaction options.

  1. Manage: Registering and linking a BitShares Crypto Wallet with the Payger control software via API. Payger users manage their own BitShares crypto wallet via the Payger software.
  2. Deposit: Filling the user’s BitShares crypto wallet with crypto currencies from an external crypto wallet (e.g. Bitcoin BTC).
  3. Withdraw: Extracting crypto currencies from the BitShares crypto wallet to an external crypto wallet (e.g. Bitcoin BTC)
  4. Transfer: Transfer BitAssets to other BitShares crypto wallets
  5. Exchange: Convert crypto currencies to other crypto currencies via BitShares decentralized exchange

Payger also offers merchants the opportunity to accept crypto currencies online on their website and to have their services remunerated in crypto currencies. This requires prior registration for a Payger Merchant Wallet. Payger offers an API and SDK for interaction with the POS system.

Today Payger offers a plugin for the online shop system Woocommerce to offer shop customers the option “Pay with crypto currencies” during checkout. For the year 2019, partnerships with mPOS and POS manufacturers such as Ingenico, First Data, Verifone etc. are also planned in order to be able to offer an offline POS solution for the retail trade.

Why Payger?

Safer and better protected

With our seller protection and advanced fraud screening, we can protect your business so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

Preferred by customers

Payger is the smart choice. Millions of new users are just waiting to pay using digital currencies. Use the potentials for your store.

Simple to integrate

Because we see beauty in simplicity, the integration of Payger works with just a few lines of code, on all leading eCommerce platforms.

Easy and convenient

Customers just need an email address and password or mobile number and PIN to pay quickly and securely.

Truly global

Gain access a whole world of customers. Welcome new customers from around the world, transfer, exchange and more – we´ve got you covered.

Reduce risks and costs

Reduce chargebacks, rolling reserves and high fees thanks to blockchain technologies.



Each transaction with Payger is processed via the high-performance BitShares blockchain. All payger transactions are executed using BitShares’ own crypto currency BTS or BitAssets available on the BitShares blockchain and supported by Payger. The BitShares Crypto Wallet offers the user the possibility to exchange the crypto currencies held in the BitShares Crypto Wallet for other crypto currencies or BitAssets at the current market conditions for crypto assets via the decentralized BitShares exchange.

Information on the BitShares blockchain can be found at www.bitshareshub.io.


Payment done right

Strong & comes in many coins

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